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Rouge. Group pose. Photo by Brig Bee Photos.jpg
Rouge - 5 stars
“The performance is so high energy, so passionate and executed with such abandon that it can't help but leave you feeling elated and empowered. If you aren't turned on by this you might want to consult a physician, because you're probably clinically dead”

Smut Buttons 2017

Highwire Entertainment is a production house specialising in circus and multi-artform performances and events. Highwire has worked all around Australia and produced and toured shows around the world.

Highwire began in 2006, and has consistently created contemporary physical theatre, circus arts and puppetry to thrill both adults and children. Our exciting performances bring a sense of wonder and joy to our audiences and irreverence to traditional theatre spaces and non- traditional venues. We specialise in presenting the unexpected! 

Highwire Entertainment is a partner in Gluttony, one of the biggest hubs at the Adelaide Fringe Festival since 2011, and numerous events in the ACT and Melbourne. From major arts events to children's festivals, Centenary celebrations, music festivals and more, Highwire consistently delivers performances with creativity and a love of the arts which is recognised the world over.

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