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Highwire has a number of professional venues that have toured around Australia with an incredible artistic program. At the moment available we have The Bally, which has been touring Australia since 2009, and The Cavaedium, a brand new venue. Both venues suit a different kind of events, please have a look and see if either would suit your audience.
Both venues come fully equipped with equipment and staff, and can be hired as an additional venue for your event, or can come complete with our in-house production team to program an incredible line-up of some of the very best artists Australia has to offer, or complemented by fine international acts.
The Bally

The Bally is an intimate touring venue that is appearing at festivals and events across the country, hosting some of the best contemporary vaudeville, circus, dance and comedy acts.

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The Cavaedium

The Cavaedium is a brand new venue perfect for outdoor family events with performing arts shows. Inflatable venue that pops up in minutes! Eye catching and completely unique, this venue is perfect to grab the attention of audience and draw them in.

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