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The Defiant


Joyful and emotive, The Defiant is a celebration of rebellion and fierceness told through an explosion of acrobatic feats and phenomenal live music. Bringing together world class athletes and acrobats, The Defiant presents a dystopian circus that is electrifying, exciting and brave. The Defiant explores force, energy and power through bold contemporary circus and a live rock soundtrack. 

Blending bold contemporary circus, live music and a dystopian aesthetic, The Defiant is a new production that celebrates the power and strength of women and non-binary artists. Featuring spectacle and stunt work usually performed by men, The Defiant is an ambitious exploration of gender, bodies and bravery. It challenges the casting tropes of women in physical theatre and uses this to question the space women occupy in contemporary society. 

Employing entirely femme identifying individuals in every creative role, modelling a matriarchal structure, audiences are encouraged to challenge their thinking on gender stereotypes and societal expectations of women. 


The Defiant is the newest production by Highwire Entertainment and will premiere in January 2021. Click here for tour dates!


  • Anna Fisher

  • Chloe Fazikas

  • Claire Bindoff

  • Charice Rust

  • Lucy Tan

  • Rachel Locks

  • Rachel Trainor

  • Shona Morgan


  • Director: Elena Kirschbaum

  • Production Designer: Simone Romaniuk

  • Costume Designer: April Dawson

  • Lighting Designer: Bronwyn Pringle

  • Musical Director: Rachel Trainor

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