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Bringing David Bowie to life through circus, comedy and song. 

Rebel is a live circus rock tribute to the original rebel, David Bowie. Stage dive into the mosh pit for a night of live music, glittering glam rock, phenomenal acrobatics, breathtaking aerials and a spectacular heart-stopping sideshow.


Live music, combined with circus and comedy, brings David Bowie’s incredible body of work, that spanned over 50 years, to life. It captures his unique aesthetic that broke ground and inspired generations.


Rebel has been inspired by the words of Bowie -  "I want to tart rock up. I don't want to climb out of my fantasies in order to go up on stage—I want to take them on stage with me.”


Rebel is headlined by the incredible, multi-award winning Stewart Reeve, and features a rockstar band of artists from across artistic genres. It’s co-created by Highwire Entertainment, the production house behind Rouge, Papillon and Pop Party Throwdown among others. Rebel is a non-stop circus and rock and roll party.

Rebel has representation from NCM. If you would like information about booking Rebel please contact NCM direct by clicking here.

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