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Chameleon 1. Photo Late Cut Media web ba

Stewart Reeve: Chameleon

A circus for grown ups

Award winning Stewart Reeve premiered his new solo show in Gluttony at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2021, garnering a weekly award for best cabaret and a collection of incredible five star reviews.

5 stars "GET YA TIX to this show! Get them now! Chameleon is an hour of charismatic storytelling, cool hip swaying moves, fierce vocal theatrics, sound effect mimics at its finest and you can throw in some cheeky comical audience banter for good measure.He’s versatile, spectacular and with a standing ovation from the audience, it’s easy to say its Reeve’s best Fringe show yet!" Hi Fi Way

5 stars "There is a depth of power, control and emotion that Reeve is able to convey through his voice that compels the audience to listen." Adelaide Review Team

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