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Bon Appetit - bottles. Credit Late Cut M

Bon Appetit

A Petit Circus Production

This show combines the same high energy, joyful circus as any other Petit Circus show, this time set in a restaurant full of food and kitchen related circus skills, fun audience engagement and more!

Bon Appetit premiered at Bunjil Place (VIC) in 2021 and went on to perform a season in Gluttony at the Adelaide Fringe Festival (SA), where it was met with phenomenal reviews.

"What an absolute joy this performance was… no breaks or slow spots; three performers who appeared at the top of their game, and simple circus theatrics throughout, done with flair and excitement.”

The Barefoot Review

"Of all of the kids’ circuses and shows that I have seen, this is probably the most seamless and professional. A quick look around at the audience confirmed my suspicions that the adults were enjoying the show just as much as the kids. If you have kids, like kids or were once a kid, this show is a total must-see."


"It is really hard to find a family friendly show to suit the younger crew as well as the early teens, but Petit Circus have done just that, with their new show in 2021 'Bon Appetit’… this is a fast paced, acrobatic filled comic delight”

Kids in Adelaide

Bon Appetit - chili. Credit Late Cut Med
Bon Appetit - washington. Credit Late Cu
Bon Appetit - silks. Credit Late Cut Med
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