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The Defiant Digital Program

Joyful and emotive, The Defiant is a celebration of rebellion and fierceness told through an explosion of acrobatic feats and phenomenal live music. Bringing together a world class cast of athletes, acrobats and musicians, with every creative role performed entirely by women and non-binary individuals.

Blending bold contemporary circus, live music and a dystopian aesthetic, The Defiant is a new production that celebrates the power and strength of women and non-binary artists.

It challenges the casting tropes of women in physical theatre and uses this to question the space women occupy in contemporary society. 


Our Story

The apocalypse in The Defiant is an allegory for many different kinds of challenges that could be faced by people, and each of the cast members has their own unique story, a journey that they connect to that makes this show authentic.


The characters in the show explore mental health, injuries, break ups and being constantly put down and having to stand back up. There are dark moments. But it also shows reconnecting with people, finding a community, sharing support and love, finding your inner strength, and showcasing your power, through the lens of being characters experiencing an apocalyptic moment together.


It is above all things a joyful celebration of community and connection.

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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